About Us

Loantik.com is a service for US residents, who are looking for a loan (payday loan, title loan, personal loan, installment loan, etc.) and want to find good options near their location. We work with trusted, direct lenders. They often provide no credit check loans (even with bad credit), and you may receive cash the same day after approval.

After you apply the application, it may be improved almost instantly. After that, you may receive cash advance in 24 hours. Sometimes, the process can take a while to check everything.

Loantik works for you without breaks. You can fill the application at any time (Saturday and Sunday are OK also). Please, make sure you understand that there is no guarantee that your application will be %100 approved. Each case is individual and depends on lots of factors. The verdict depends only on your situation and the lender’s decision.

How it Works

Loantik.com is NOT a DIRECT LENDER. Loantik.com is a place where people fill out the form to find direct lenders, that are in the list of our service. Loantik.com can’t guarantee that your application will be approved; it is only the lender’s decision. Make sure you understand that Loantik.con can’t influence at any kind on the amount of a loan you can borrow. This decision and all other decisions about financial questions and aspects should be discussed with the LENDER DIRECTLY.

If you have any financial questions according to the loan, you must discuss them with direct lenders, not with our matching service.

No Fees

The goal of Loantik is the satisfaction of our visitors. We don’t take any charges from our users, we provide our services for free for you. However, we may receive compensation from lenders, when you apply for a loan.